What is the flower that looks like a Rose? Lisianthus

The Lisianthus flower gives an initial Rose like impression but is a lot more delicate and has a fairy cup look about it. It is a tremendously versatile flower and gives grace and elegance to any flower collection.

Lovely Lisi (Lisianthus, Rose & Gerbera)Alternatively, a whole vase of Lisianthus is pure delight! Somehow the softer tones of Lisianthus all gathered together seem to exude a loving atmosphere of complete gentleness; totally at one with their harmonious lilacs, whites and pinks. A few white Lisianthus with pink or purples tips give the added interest that make you look twice.

There are several flowers on a stem of Lisianthus. The cotton flower bud on the Lisianthus stem is usually the flower that opens first. This flower will be the flower that you will need to remove first when prolonging the enjoyment of your Lisianthus display.

Having flowers and buds at differing stages on varying stem lengths means that the Lisianthus has a very natural appeal but at the same time, the delicate neatness of the Lisi can be organised into a more formal presentation if so desired and is greatly valued by florists with general blending procedures.

On receipt of your Lisianthus, re-cut the stems on the diagonal (above and node or branch). Place into clean deep water for a good drink before arranging. The Lisianthus’ flower buds will be the first ones to tell you if they are not drinking when they go over, in which case, you will need to re-cut them. 

Transportation of your Lisianthus needs to be done carefully as the Lisianthus stem is very fragile. The Lisianthus flower is produced for the floristry trade all year round but will sometimes appear stronger (Does this mean a bolder colour, stronger stem, or in more abundance?) than at other times depending on the harvesting cycle.