Rainbow Roses from a Norfolk Florist

How do you make a rainbow rose?


This is the question we get asked most of all by our customers.  They are of course talking about the amazing Rainbow Rose!  Love ‘em or hate ‘em people are stopped dead in their tracks when they see them.  A vase full of these wonderful flowers acts like a magnet drawing people to them.  Men and women alike are totally fascinated by them.  Most people feel the need to touch them to make sure that they are ‘real’ – despite the fact that each rose is clearly an individual.  No two roses have exactly the same colour variations, and every petal is different.  Such is the reaction of people when they first see them that they are also called the ‘Happy’ Rose.  Our customers are getting to know that we always have these vibrant roses.  They are a brilliant talking point when you have house guests or dinner parties.  Lots of people still haven’t actually seen them before – and they saw it here first!


And so we begin the story of how they are produced... The Rainbow Rose is produced in Holland.  When it comes to flowers there’s not much the Dutch can’t do!  Their floral knowledge is second to none.  So the roses are grown white.  After the rose is cut the bottom of the stem is split downwards into several strips.  Each portion of the stem is then placed into a different colour dye and they drink the dye up.  Very clever how they get them to ‘drink’ properly after that!  So as you can see each rose requires individual attention and takes a little time – and ‘skill’ – to achieve.


Little girls absolutely adore them!  For them the story goes a little differently . . . . “fairies come in first thing in the morning before we open up and paint them for us” – they love it!  Mums and Dads are often persuaded by their children to but them one.  Quite often the Rainbow Rose is the first flower that they’ve ever been bought.  We put single flowers in a black presentation sleeve and finish it off with a ‘gem stone, a piece of ribbon, a care card and a ‘Flowers by Nicole’ label – very posh.  If the weather is hot and our customer has a long way to travel, we re-cut the stem and put it into a file or tube of water before wrapping the rose in tissue paper. The perfect inexpensive ‘special’ gift for the special person in your life.


A dozen of these fabulous ‘attention seeking’ flowers of course looks absolutely stunning. Arranged with foliage, complimented with Sea Lavender and framed with Palm Leaf this drop dead gorgeous bouquet is then carefully wrapped in cellophone and tissue, and beautifully decorated with a double two toning bow.


The Christmas Rainbow Dozen also arrives with silver twigs and a silver shimmer.  How cool is that!  The Valentine Rainbow Dozen arrives with gold curly ting and a gold shimmer.  How hot is that!  Or you could ask us to create a ‘Magical Rainbow Garden’ just for you.  


So get in touch with ‘Flowers by Nicole’ and let us supply your ‘Happy Rainbow’ – an Alice in Wonderland Treat at any age!