Nationwide Flower Delivery

Nationwide Flower Delivery

The first step in arranging to have some flowers delivered is to find a good florist.  You will need to satisfy yourself that the flowers will be fresh, that all flowers will have presentation on delivery, and that they will be well packaged.

You will then decide which flowers to have delivered.  You might ask your florist to send a variety of flowers for example, but request the flowers to be bright and cheerful.  Or you might ask for a choice selection in tonal colours.  Both these requests are quite ‘safe’ in that your florist will have a certain amount of artistic license to put together a fine bouquet depending on flower availability, and the recipient will enjoy a flower delivery appropriate to his or her tastes.  If you are aware of a favourite flower such as Gerbera, Roses or Freesia for example, then it would be a good idea to request this flower as it shows that extra thought has been put into the ordering.

A small gift tag will be provided to add a short message to your gift and inform the recipient who the flowers are from.

The delivery date, name and address needs to be supplied in full with the postcode.  In the event that there is no house number, or the address is hard to find a landmark or directions would be much appreciated.  It is also a good idea to offer a ‘safe place’ delivery alternative just in case the recipient of your beautiful flower order is not at home to receive their flowers.  In this instance the person delivering the flowers should put a ‘sorry we missed you’ delivery note through the door informing the recipient where their flower delivery is, with the florists contact details on.

Finally your florist will always request your contact details in case there is a problem.  If ‘you’ have a problem, either before or after delivery, please don’t hesitate to contact your florist and ask their advice.

Having flowers delivered is often a surprise for the recipient, and when it’s no surprise eager anticipation just adds to the pleasure.  Whichever the scenario having flowers delivered leaves a lasting memory that will always stay with them forever.  The recipient of your flower delivery will feel treasured and very special.  A luxurious gift, just because you care.