Her favourite flower is that daisy one – Gerbera

Her favourite flower is that daisy one – Gerbera
The Gerbera is a magnificent flower available in a wide range of colours in a selection of different tones.  You can also sometimes get gerberas in two tones.  

The gerbera has no competition, if there are gerbera in your bouquet they will be the first thing you notice.  A larger flower with a defined centre the gerbera has instant appeal. 

The vibrant gerbera such as orange, bright pink or cerise can give a fabulous funky feel to your bouquet, put them with larger lush coloured leaves and your gerbera instantly turn tropical.

The yellow gerbera is very striking and makes a wonderful ‘sunshine’ arrangement when put with blues and whites such as lisianthus and delphinium.  Add some pussy willow with scented hyacinth and you have a distinctly woodland display.

The softer coloured gerbera such as creams, pinks and peaches give a much more tonal natural feel.  Coupled with larger old fashioned pastel roses, with some eucalyptus foliage and even some fern your gerbera have sheer class.  The giving and receiving of such a gift can bring unrivalled joy with maximum impact in its subtle choice.

For a more dramatic look take the gerbera with the black centre.  You will have to be careful what you put with this flower though, if any!  Most other flowers will pale in the shade.

If you want the gerbera feel to your bouquet but don’t want it to dominate the other flowers, the smaller germini would make a good choice, and are available in just as many colours.  

The gerbera and germini are a very long lasting flower.  So long lasting that they usuall out live their stem.  The gerbera and germini stem is quite soft and deteriorates in water.  So on receipt of your gerbera or germini, cut the stems at an angle without squashing the stem and put into deep water for a couple of hours.  Then remove and place in shallower water.  

To get the most of your gerbera or germini be prepared to re-cut the stems every other day and change the water daily.  Have a selection of vases to hand to allow for the changing stem length.