Easter Flowers in East Anglia

Easter is traditionally the time when people come out of hibernation and enjoy the freedom of travelling around as we all welcome the milder weather that the spring season brings.  A floral gift is much appreciated when visitors come calling to bear Easter greetings.

Scented miniature daffodils, freesia and hyacinths fill the house with the aroma of spring, and mixed with tulips, foliage’s and pussy willow branches make a wonderful spring garden centre-piece to grace any Easter table and show off Aunties Easter Simnel cake a treat.
Individually wrapped miniature Easter eggs looking so pretty sitting on the moss of a primrose basket decorated with ribbons and Easter chicks will fascinate all children, still supplying a chocolate treat and giving them lasting joy, as they learn to look after their easy care plant and watch it grow.
Aqua packed spring flowers, in their own water bubble, are a very popular and wise choice when travelling with flowers.  A pretty carry-home bag over flowing with vibrant coloured spring flowers such as cerise pink carnation spray, lavender blue hyacinths, lemon yellow daffodils and kermit greens all gathered together with twigs, foliage’s, pussy willow branches and scented freesia in a choice of yellow, white, pink and lilac, make a sumptuous Easter show that is easy to transport.  Admiring glances will follow you as you capture the attention of the other travellers - envious of your eye-catching wares.
As you arrive at your destination your Easter flowers will have impact on giving with instant presentation that will add to the Easter party as soon as you arrive, and continue to bring Easter joy long after your departure.
Any combination of flowers, chocolates, plants, Easter eggs and chicks can be put together as an original Easter gift basket.  Contact your florist and she will be only too happy to put a wonderful Easter arrangement together for you, or just to pop a few hyacinth bulbs into a tin bucket.  A simple but beautiful gift that will bring life into your kitchen and scent to your house for weeks.
Happy Easter every one!