Mothers Day Flowers and Origins

Mothering Sunday is a Christian holiday, which dates back to the 16th Century. Although we currently use Mothers Day  to celebrate our Mothers and shower them with gifts and flowers to show our appreciation, the fact that we celebrate Mothers Day on the 4th Sunday of Lent every year will give you an inkling of its roots.

It was originally a day in which servants and workers were given time off from their duties to visit their “Mother Church”, which would have been the largest church in their home area, or perhaps even a cathedral. People who chose to partake were said to have “gone-a-mothering”, and it became a family occasion due to the fact that it was one of the very few days where no one had a work conflict, and everyone could visit their mothers and be together. So the story goes; children would pick wild flowers on their walk to church, either to place in the church as an offering, or alternatively, to give as a floral gift to their mothers.

In the early 1900’s, enthusiasm for the religious tradition was beginning to wane, but a movement to revive it was catalysed by Anna Jarvis in the USA, and consequently, Constance Penswick-Smith in the UK. Significant aid was given to the Mothering Sunday cause by soldiers fighting in World War II who were doing their best to cling to home traditions. By the 1950’s local merchants had seized the Mothering Sunday opportunity and were running with it!  Mothering Sunday became widely celebrated as a day of gift giving in appreciation of one’s mother, especially flowers, and it’s been that way ever since.

Flowers have always been the most traditional and popular gesture on this special day.  The fact is that although Mothers might buy themselves a few flowers, to go on the kitchen table perhaps, they will generally never spend much money on flowers. So receiving a luxury bouquet with a selection of flowers chosen especially for your mother, arranged with foliage and presented with wrappings and bows to delight, will make any mother feel extra special – and very appreciated.

The choices are numerous and something can always be found to appeal to every personality. Whether your Mother prefers the bright jewels of Sunflowers and Gerberas, the soft pastels of Roses and Gypsophilia, or the classy grace of Lilies and Lisianthus, you are sure to find an arrangement as special as she is. And putting flowers together with your florist can be such fun!  It’s not always easy to imagine how certain colours, berries and foliages will work with the flowers you have chosen or if other flowers would work well with them.  Your florist will arrange the flowers in her hand as you chose and more than likely have some insightful suggestions if you’re not too sure.  This enriched shopping experience not only makes buying flowers very enjoyable, but leads to the incredible wow factor on giving flowers – for mother figures and giver alike.