Easter is traditionally the time when people come out of hibernation and enjoy the freedom of travelling around as we all welcome the milder weather that the spring season brings.  A floral gift is much appreciated when visitors come calling to bear Easter greetings. Scented miniature daffodils, freesia and hyacinths fill the house with the aroma of spring, and mixed with tulips, foliage’s and pussy willow branches make a wonderful spring garden centre-piece to grace any Easter table and show off Aunties Easter Simnel cake a treat. Individually wrapped miniature Easter eggs looking so..
Nationwide Flower Delivery
The first step in arranging to have some flowers delivered is to find a good florist.  You will need to satisfy yourself that the flowers will be fresh, that all flowers will have presentation on delivery, and that they will be well packaged. You will then decide which flowers to have delivered.  You might ask your florist to send a variety of flowers for example, but request the flowers to be bright and cheerful.  Or you might ask for a choice selection in tonal colours.  Both these requests are quite ‘safe’ in that your florist will have a certain amount of artistic li..
Nationwide Florist
A True florist works for the ‘Love of Flowers’.  To be a skilled florist takes a lot of experience and dedication. Floristry nationwide is a very satisfying, creative career, but most flower lovers don’t see the hard work involved, unless they decide to join the flower industry. A typical day in the life of a florist involves receiving and conditioning the fresh flower delivery, clearing up and disposing of the leaf, stem and packaging fallout. However, one of the first things to attend to is the flower orders for the day in order of priority.  This usually means fixing card messag..
Order Your Valentines Day Flowers Online
The origins of Valentine’s Day dates back to 269 AD when persecuted Roman Priest St. Valentine, in the very permissive society in which he lived, stood up for the Christian values of ‘one man, one woman’, and the sanctity of marriage.  Valentine was eventually imprisoned for performing marriage ceremonies contrary to the command of Emperor Claudius 2nd. The Valentine legend also says that St. Valentine prayed with, and healed a young blind woman.  Apparently the last words Valentine wrote before his execution were in a letter to the young woman which he signed. . . .‘from your Valent..
Her favourite flower is that daisy one – Gerbera The Gerbera is a magnificent flower available in a wide range of colours in a selection of different tones.  You can also sometimes get gerberas in two tones.   The gerbera has no competition, if there are gerbera in your bouquet they will be the first thing you notice.  A larger flower with a defined centre the gerbera has instant appeal.  The vibrant gerbera such as orange, bright pink or cerise can give a fabulous funky feel to your bouquet, put them with larger lush coloured leaves and your gerbera instantly turn t..
The Lisianthus flower gives an initial Rose like impression but is a lot more delicate and has a fairy cup look about it. It is a tremendously versatile flower and gives grace and elegance to any flower collection. Alternatively, a whole vase of Lisianthus is pure delight! Somehow the softer tones of Lisianthus all gathered together seem to exude a loving atmosphere of complete gentleness; totally at one with their harmonious lilacs, whites and pinks. A few white Lisianthus with pink or purples tips give the added interest that make you look twice. There are several flowers on a stem of ..
Mothering Sunday is a Christian holiday, which dates back to the 16th Century. Although we currently use Mothers Day  to celebrate our Mothers and shower them with gifts and flowers to show our appreciation, the fact that we celebrate Mothers Day on the 4th Sunday of Lent every year will give you an inkling of its roots. It was originally a day in which servants and workers were given time off from their duties to visit their “Mother Church”, which would have been the largest church in their home area, or perhaps even a cathedral. People who chose to partake were said to have “gone-a-m..
How do you make a rainbow rose?   This is the question we get asked most of all by our customers.  They are of course talking about the amazing Rainbow Rose!  Love ‘em or hate ‘em people are stopped dead in their tracks when they see them.  A vase full of these wonderful flowers acts like a magnet drawing people to them.  Men and women alike are totally fascinated by them.  Most people feel the need to touch them to make sure that they are ‘real’ – despite the fact that each rose is clearly an individual.  No two roses have exactly the same colour varia..