Magical Pale Pink Rose and Thistle Bouquet

Magical Pale Pink Rose and Thistle Bouquet

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A beautifully delcate pale pink rose and thistle bouquet with occasional subtle silver sheen for a magical feel, enhanced with purple edged lisianthus, pink gerbera, a variety of lasting pink chrysanthemum and the rewarding aroma of soft grey eucalyptus foliage.

A FREE long handled silver bag is supplied for added attractivness and ease of immediate display!

Guaranteed for one week  all our flowers are of the finest  quality, and could quite possibly last longer depending on conditions.  To get the most out of your flowers,  keep out of direct sunlight and move to an area of lower temperature where ever possible.  Re-cut the stems regularly with sharp scissors or knife taking care not to squash the stem and therefore destroy the drinking structure of the stem. Cut stems on the slant in order to provide the largest possible drinking area.  All woody stems                                                  (ie. eucalyptus) will need splitting downwards, either with a knife or a gentle hammer taking care not to  smash!

Beautifully arranged and hand tied for you to put into your vase as they are, your  flowers will be  well protected, secured and 'AQUA packed' each with their own water bubble. You will need to top this bubble up as soon as possible.  Hold over a sink just in case a little of the water escapes and  slowly pour the water in between the flowers and foliage from the top - and ENJOY! 

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